Full list of scorers for League of Ireland clubs in European competition


League of Ireland clubs have competed in European competitions since 1957. They’ve been lucky to have the opposition score 11 own goals. Here’s who scored every other goal for League of Ireland clubs in European.

Full list of scorers for League of Ireland clubs in European competition 

11 Glen Crowe (Bohemians 8, Shelbourne 2, Sporting Fingal 1), David McMillan (St Patrick’s Athletic 1, Dundalk 10)
10 Jason Byrne (Shelbourne 8, Bohemians 2), 
7 Billy Dixon (Drumcondra 3, Shamrock Rovers 4),  Christy Fagan (Bohemians 1, St Patrick’s Athletic 6), 
6 Sean Maguire (Cork City)
5 Eamon Zayed (Drogheda United 3, Sporting Fingal 2), 
4 Dan Murray (Cork City), Declan O’Brien (St Patrick’s Athletic), Eugene Davis (Athlone Town), Glen Fitzpatrick (Shamrock Rovers 1, Shelbourne 3), James Morrissey (Drumcondra 3, Dundalk 1), Liam Tuohy (Shamrock Rovers), Killian Brennan (Bohemians 3, St Patrick’s Athletic 1), Neale Fenn (Cork City 2, Dundalk 1, Bohemians 1), Pat Morley (Cork City 3, Shelbourne 1), Rocky O’Brien (Bohemians), Rory Patterson(Derry City), Michael Duffy (Derry City 2, Dundalk 2), Graham Burke (Shamrock Rovers), Pat Hoban(Dundalk),
3 Alan Moore (Shelbourne), Alex Casey (Waterford), Cathal Muckian (Dundalk), Ciaran Martyn (UCD 1, Derry City 2), Donie Wallace (Limerick 1, Cork Hibernians 2), Eric Barber (Shelbourne 1, Shamrock Rovers 2), Faz Kudozovic (Drogheda United 1, Dundalk 2), Graham Gartland (Drogheda United), Jason McGuinness (Bohemians 2, Sligo Rovers 1), Johnny Fullam (Shamrock Rovers), Kevin Deery (Derry City), Liam Kearney (Cork City), Mark Quigley (St Patrick’s Athletic), Mark Rutherford (Shelbourne), Mick Fairclough (Dundalk), Ollie Cahill (Shelbourne 2, Drogheda United 1), Danny North (Sligo Rovers), Alan Keane (Sligo Rovers), Ryan Swan (UCD), Gary McCabe (Shamrock Rovers),  Robbie Benson (Dundalk), Aaron Greene (Sligo Rovers 1, St Patrick’s Athletic 1, Shamrock Rovers 1), Roberto Lopes (Shamrock Rovers), Sean Murray (Dundalk)
2 Alfie Hale (Waterford), Barry Ferguson (Longford Town), Brian Mooney (Shelbourne), Christopher Fullam (Drumcondra), Damian Lynch (Drogheda United), Dave Barry (Cork City), Derek Stokes (Dundalk), Derek Swan (Bohemians), Des Kennedy (Limerick), Evan McMillan (St Patrick’s Athletic), Frank O’Neill (Shamrock Rovers), George O’Callaghan (Cork City), Ger McCarthy (St Patrick’s Athletic), Gino Lawless (Bohemians), Ian Daly (St Patrick’s Athletic), Jackie Hennessy (St Patrick’s Athletic 1, Shelbourne 1), John Lawson (Cork Hibs), John O’Neill (Waterford), Johnny Giles (Shamrock Rovers), Johnny Glynn (Cork City 1, St Patrick’s Athletic 1), Johnny Kenny (Sligo Rovers), Johnny Matthews (Waterford), Joseph Ndo (Bohemians 1, Shelbourne 1), Ken Oman (Derry City 1, Shamrock Rovers 1), Kevin Doyle (Cork City), Leo Flanagan (Dundalk), Liam Devine (Dundalk), Joey Salmon (Athlone Town), Mbabazi (St Patrick’s Athletic), Miah Dennehy (Cork Hibs), Mick Kearin (Shamrock Rovers), Noel Campbell (St Patrick’s Athletic), Owen Heary (Bohemians 1, Shelbourne 1), Paul Keegan (Drogheda United), Paul Kirk (Waterford), Paul Martin (Athlone Town), Paul Murphy (Galway United), Paul Osam (St Patrick’s Athletic), Peter Eccles (Shamrock Rovers), Richie Foran (Shelbourne), Robert Gilbert (Shamrock Rovers), Robert McAuley (UCD), Roy O’Donovan (Cork City), Shane Robinson (Drogheda United), Shaun Maher (Bohemians), Stephen O’Donnell (Bohemians 1, Shamrock Rovers 1), Stephen O’Flynn (Derry City 1, St Patrick’s Athletic 1), Steve Lynex (Shamrock Rovers), Stuart Byrne (Drogheda United 1, Shelbourne 1), Terry Flanagan (Bohemians 1, Dundalk 1), Terry Harkin (Finn Harps), Tommy Gaynor (Shamrock Rovers), Tommy Hamilton (Shamrock Rovers), Tony Grant (Bohemians 1, Shamrock Rovers 1), Turlough O’Connor (Bohemians), Barry McNamee (Derry City), Kurtis Byrne (Dundalk), Richie Towell (Dundalk), Kieran Marty Waters (Shamrock Rovers), Alan Bennett (Cork City), Ciaran Kilduff (Dundalk), Karl Sheppard (Shamrock Rovers 1, Cork City 1), Brian Gartland (Dundalk), Garry Buckley (Cork City),  
1 Adam Hughes (Drogheda United), Aidan Rooney (Sligo Rovers), Al Finucane (Waterford), Alan Campbell (Shamrock Rovers),  Andy Myler (Longford Town), Anthony Buckley (Cork City), Ben Hannigan (Shelbourne), Billy Dennehy (Shamrock Rovers), Billy Woods (Cork City), Bobby Ryan (Bohemians), Bobby Tambling (Cork Celtic), Brendan Bradley (Finn Harps), Brendan Markey (Bohemians), Brian Duff (Dundalk), Carl Humphries (Cork Hibs), Charlie Ferry (Finn Harps), Chris Turner (Shamrock Rovers), Colin O’Brien (Cork City), Conan Byrne (St Patrick’s Athletic), Dale Hawtin (Sligo Rovers), Danny Hale (Dundalk), Darren Kelly (Derry City), Dave Mooney (Cork City), Dave Rogers (Shelbourne), Dave Scully (Bohemians), Dave Wiggington (Cork Hibs), David Kirby (Waterford), David McDaid (Derry City), David Scullion (Derry City), Dean Fitzgerald (Longford Town), Dennis Bonner (Galway United), Derek Coughlan (Cork City), Derek Doyle (St Patrick’s Athletic), Derek Tracey (Shamrock Rovers), Dermot Cross (Dundalk), Dessie Baker (Shelbourne), Dessie Byrne (Bohemians), Donal Leahy (Cork Celtic), Eddie Ryan (St Patrick’s Athletic), Fran Hitchcock (Athlone Town),  Fran Swan (Bohemians), Garreth O’Connor (St Patrick’s Athletic), Garry Haylock (Shelbourne),  Gary Beckett (Derry City), Gary Dempsey (St Patrick’s Athletic), Gavin Peers (Sligo Rovers), Gay O’Carroll (Shamrock Rovers), Ger O’Brien (St Patrick’s Athletic), Gerald Fitzpatrick (Waterford), Gerry Daly (Bohemians), Gerry Ryan (Bohemians), Ginger O’Rourke (St Patrick’s Athletic), Greg Costello (Shelbourne),  Harpal Singh (Bohemians), Harry McCourt (Derry City), Hilary Carlyle (Dundalk), Jackie Jameson (Bohemians), Jackie Mooney (Shamrock Rovers), Jackie Morley (Waterford), James McCann (Shamrock Rovers), Jamie Harris (St Patrick’s Athletic), Jason Gavin (St Patrick’s Athletic), Jim Gannon (Shelbourne), Jimmy Hasty (Dundalk), Jimmy McCann (Drumcondra), Jimmy McGeough (Waterford), John Caulfield (Cork City), John Coady (Shamrock Rovers), John McDonnell (St Patrick’s Athletic), John Mountney (Dundalk), John Murray (Shelbourne), John O’Flynn (Cork City), John Russell (St Patrick’s Athletic), John Walsh (Limerick United), John Whelan (Drumcondra), Jumbo Brennan (Sligo Rovers), Kelvin Flanagan (Cork City), Kevin Murray (Dundalk), Lee Thew (Sligo Rovers), Leo O’Reilly (Limerick), Liam Buckley (Shamrock Rovers), Lorcan Fitzgerald (Sporting Fingal), Mark Farren (Derry City), Mark Reid (Sligo Rovers), Martin Lawlor (Dundalk), Martin Nugent (Bray Wanderers), Martin Sheehan (Cork Hibs), Michael Brophy (Home Farm), Michael O’Connor (Athlone Town), Michael Rice (Drumcondra), Mick Conroy (Shelbourne), Mick Lawlor (Dundalk), Mick Lynch (Waterford), Noel Dunne (Bohemians), Noel Mitten (Bohemians), Noel Synott (Waterford), Paddy Joyce (Bohemians), Paddy Kavanagh (Derry City), Padraig Dully (Shelbourne), Padraig Moran (Sligo Rovers), Pat Fenlon (St Patrick’s Athletic),  Pat Nolan (Limerick), Pat Sullivan (Shamrock Rovers), Patrick Bonham (Shelbourne), Paul Carlyle (Derry City), Paul McGee (Galway United), Paul Mooney (Derry City), Paul Whelan (Shamrock Rovers), Philip Buck (Waterford), Raf Cretaro (Sligo Rovers), Richard O’Connor (Limerick), Richie Baker (Shelbourne), Richie Purdy (Shamrock Rovers), Ricky McEvoy (Dundalk), Ricky O’Flaherty (St Patrick’s Athletic), Robert Bayly (Shamrock Rovers), Roddy Collins (Athlone Town), Ronnie Murphy (Shamrock Rovers), Ryan Guy (St Patrick’s Athletic), Seamus McDowell (Dundalk), Sean Dillon (Shelbourne), Sean Hargan (Derry City), Stephen Caffrey (Bohemians), Stephen Geoghegan (Shelbourne), Stephen Grant (Shamrock Rovers), Stephen McGuinness (Shamrock Rovers), Stephen Paisley (Longford Town), Stephen Rice (Shamrock Rovers), Tam McManus (Derry City), Tommy Keane (Waterford), Tommy Stewart (Shamrock Rovers), Tony Cousins (Shamrock Rovers), Tony Izzi (Shelbourne), Tony O’Connell (Bohemians), Trevor Molloy (Bohemians), Wayne Hatswell (Dundalk), William Hennessy (Shamrock Rovers), Patrick McEleney (Derry City), Mark Timlin (Derry City),  David Cawley (Sligo Rovers), Dave Webster (Shamrock Rovers), Mark O’Sullivan (Cork City), Gavin Brennan (Shamrock Rovers), Darren Dennehy (St Patrick’s Athletic), Kevin O’Connor (Cork City), Steven Beattie (Cork City), Gary Shaw (Shamrock Rovers), Ronan Curtis (Derry City), Aaron McEneff (Derry City), Dylan Connolly (Dundalk), Alistair Roy (Derry City), Ronan Hale (Derry City), Dan Carr (Shamrock Rovers), Jack Byrne (Shamrock Rovers), Gary O’Neill (1995) (Shamrock Rovers), Conor McCarthy (Cork City), Conor Clifford (St Patrick’s Athletic), Lee Grace (Shamrock Rovers),  Joe Thompson (Derry City), Eoin Toal (Derry City), Keith Ward (Bohemians), Daniel Cleary (Dundalk), Daniel Kelly (Dundalk)

Here’s the record goal scorer for every LOI club that has scored in Europe (updated 6 November 2020)

CLUB Player Goals
Athlone Town Eugene Davis 4
Bohemians Glen Crowe 8
Bray Wanderers Martin Nugent 1
Cork City Sean Maguire 6
Derry City Rory Patterson 4
Drogheda United Eamon Zayed/Graham Gartland 3
Dundalk David McMillan 10
Finn Harps Terry Harkin 2
Galway United Paul Murphy 2
Limerick Des Kennedy 2
Longford Town Barry Ferguson 2
St Patrick’s Athletic Christy Fagan 6
Shamrock Rovers Billy Dixon/Liam Tuohy/Graham Burke 4
Shelbourne Jason Byrne 8
Sligo Rovers Alan Keane/Danny North 3
UCD Ryan Swan 3
Waterford (United) Alex Casey 3
Cork Celtic Bobby Tambling/Donal Leah 1
Cork Hibernians Miah Dennehy/John Lawson/Donie Wallace 2
Drumcondra Billy Dixon/James Morrison 3
Home Farm Michael Brophy 1
Sporting Fingal Eamon Zayed 2

The figures above include European Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Europa League, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, European Cup Winners Cup and Inter-toto Cup.  Here’s the record goal scorer in each of the 4 tournaments

European Cup/Champions League David McMillan 7
UEFA Cup/Europa League/Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Christy Fagan/Sean Maguire 6
European Cup Winners Cup Billy Dixon 4
Inter-Toto Cup Jason Byrne 4

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How hard is it to defend the LOI title?

[updated November 2019]

Fairly hard. It’s been done only 7 times in the Premier Divison era (by 5 different clubs). Dundalk’s 3 in a row from 2014-2016 was the first time a non-Dublin club had retained the title in over 40 years.


  • 1983/84 to 1986/87 Shamrock Rovers


  • 1940/41 to 1942/43 Cork United
  • 1967/68 to 1969/70 Waterford
  • 2014 to 2016 Dundalk


  • 1937/38 & 1938/39 Shamrock Rovers
  • 1944/45 & 1945/46 Cork United (5 titles in 6 seasons)
  • 1947/48 & 1948/49 Drumcondra
  • 1949/50 & 1950/51 Cork Athletic
  • 1954/55 & 1955/56 St Patrick’s Athletic
  • 1971/72 & 1972/73 Waterford (5 titles in 6 seasons)
  • 1997/98 & 1998/99 St Patrick’s Athletic (3 titles in 4 seasons)
  • 2003 & 2004 Shelbourne (3 titles in 4 seasons)
  • 2008 & 2009 Bohemians
  • 2010 & 2011 Shamrock Rovers
  • 2018 & 2019 Dundalk (5 titles in 6 seasons)


League of Ireland Trebles and Doubles

[updated end 2019]

There have been 98 seasons of the league and the “treble” has only been earned 5 times. Up to 1974 that treble was League, FAI Cup and Shield and since then it is League, FAI Cup and League Cup.

Winners of the LOI treble

  • 1924/25 Shamrock Rovers (LOI/FAI Cup/Shield)
  • 1927/28 Bohemians (LOI/FAI Cup/Shield)
  • 1931/32 Shamrock Rovers (LOI/FAI Cup/Shield)
  • 1963/64 Shamrock Rovers (LOI/FAI Cup/Shield)
  • 1988/89 Derry City (LOI/FAI Cup/League Cup)

Winners of the League and FAI Cup Double

  • 1921/22 St James Gate
  • 1940/41 Cork United
  • 1950/51 Cork Athletic
  • 1978/79 Dundalk
  • 1984/85 Shamrock Rovers
  • 1985/86 Shamrock Rovers
  • 1986/87 Shamrock Rovers
  • 1987/88 Dundalk
  • 1999/2000 Shelbourne
  • 2000/01 Bohemians
  • 2008 Bohemians
  • 2015 Dundalk
  • 2017 Cork City
  • 2018 Dundalk

Winners of the League and Shield/League Cup ‘minor’ double

  • 1922/23 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1923/24 Bohemians (Shield)
  • 1925/26 Shelbourne (Shield)
  • 1926/27 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1933/34 Bohemians (Shield)
  • 1937/38 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1942/43 Cork United (Shield)
  • 1956/57 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1966/67 Dundalk (Shield)
  • 1968/69 Waterford (Shield)
  • 1974/75 Bohemians (League Cup)
  • 1982/83 Athlone Town (League Cup)
  • 2009 Bohemians (League Cup)
  • 2014 Dundalk (League Cup)
  • 2019 Dundalk (League Cup)

Winners of the FAI Cup and Shield/League Cup ‘cup double’

  • 1932/33 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1945/46 Drumcondra (Shield)
  • 1954/55 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1955/56 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1964/65 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1965/66 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1967/68 Shamrock Rovers (Shield)
  • 1972/73 Cork Hibernians (Shield)
  • 1980/81 Dundalk (League Cup)
  • 1995/96 Shelbourne (League Cup)
  • 2004 Longford Town (League Cup)
  • 2006 Derry City (League Cup)
  • 2010 Sligo Rovers (League Cup)

Winners of the LOI First Division and FAI Cup ‘mini’ double

  • 1993/94 Sligo Rovers


Trebles won

  • 3 Shamrock Rovers
  • 1 Bohemians, Derry City

LOI/FAI Doubles

  • 4 – Dundalk
  • 3 – Shamrock Rovers
  • 2 – Bohemians, Cork United/Athletic
  • 1 – St James Gate, Shelbourne, Cork City

LOI/Shd&LC Doubles

  • 4 – Bohemians, Shamrock Rovers
  • 3 – Dundalk
  • 1 – Athlone Town, Cork United, Shelbourne, Waterford

Cup Double

  • 6 – Shamrock Rovers
  • 1 – Cork Hibernians, Derry City, Drumcondra, Dundalk, Longford Town, Shelbourne, Sligo Rovers

1st Div/FAI Double

  • 1 – Sligo Rovers

Total Doubles

  • 16 – Shamrock Rovers
  • 8 – Dundalk
  • 6 – Bohemians
  • 3 – Cork United/Athletic, Shelbourne
  • 2 – Sligo Rovers
  • 1 – Athlone Town, Cork Hibernians, Derry City, Drumcondra,  Longford Town, St James Gate, Waterford, Cork City

Total Multiple Trophy seasons (big 3 comps only)

  • 19 – Shamrock Rovers
  • 8 – Dundalk
  • 7 – Bohemians
  • 3 – Cork United/Athletic, Shelbourne
  • 2 – Derry City, Sligo Rovers
  • 1 – Athlone Town, Cork Hibernians, Drumcondra,  Longford Town, St James Gate, Waterford, Cork City

For the purposes of this list I left out all the trophies ranked below the top 3 that were played at national level (Dublin City Cup, Top 4, FAI Super Cup, FAI President’s Cup, First Division Shield, PJ Casey), all the provincial cups and all the north/south competitions

Irish Clubs in the UEFA Women’s Champions League

Raheny United made history this week by becoming the first Irish club to top their qualifying group in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. It was the 13th time that Irish clubs have entered Europe at the qualifying group stage.

So far the 13 years have seen

  • 1st place finishes – 1 time
  • 2nd place finishes – 4 times
  • 3rd place finishes – 3 times
  • 4th place finishes – 5 times

The first club into European action was Shamrock Rovers in 2002/03. They won their first games (v Osijek of Croatia) before losing their next 2 games.

Here’s how each of the Irish representatives has done in the group stages;

WOmen in Europe


Peamount United become the first Irish club to qualify for the knock out stage of the Champions League (or the UEFA Women’s Cup as it was known before changing for 2009/10) when their results left as the best runners up (with the top 2 to qualify). They played French giants Paris St Germaine and lost both legs.

It leaves each Irish clubs’ European Record as follows;

women in europe 2

The record win by an Irish club in Europe is Peamount’s 7-0 win over Krka of Slovenia in 2011. The 2 heaviest defeats by Irish side were both inflicted by Rossiyanka of Russia over St Francis; 11-0 in 2009 and 9-0 in 2010.

Ireland at the European Athletics Championships

At the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin, Ireland won its 15th medal at this level as Thomas Barr won bronze in the 400m hurdles.

Medals won by Ireland at the European Athletics Championships

1958 1,500m Ronnie Delaney Bronze
1969 1,500m Frank Murphy Silver
1978 1,500m Eamonn Coghlan Silver
1994 3,000m Sonia O’Sullivan Gold
1998 5,000m Sonia O’Sullivan Gold
1998 10,000m Sonia O’Sullivan Gold
1998 5,000m Mark Carroll Bronze
2002 5.000m Sonia O’Sullivan Silver
2002 10,000m Sonia O’Sullivan Silver
2006 110m Hurdles Derval O’Rourke Silver
2010 110m Hurdles Derval O’Rourke Silver
2010 20k walk Rob Heffernan Bronze
2014 800m Mark English Bronze
2016 1,500m Ciara Mageean Bronze
2018 400m Hurdles Thomas Barr Bronze

Robert Heffernan received a bronze medal for the 2010 20k walk after the winner was disqualified.

You can see from the list that Sonia O’Sullivan dominates another Irish athletics medal list. She’s won all our gold medals (3) and 5 of the 13 in total.  She’s joined by Cork compatriots Mark Carroll, Derval O’Rourke and Heffernan in winning every medal for Ireland between Coghlan’s silver for Dublin in 1978 and English’s Bronze for Donegal in 2014. English’s medal was the first for somewhere other than Cork or Dublin!

Sonia and Heffernan (belatedly) are the only Irish athletes to win medals at European, World and Olympic levels. Delaney has won at European and Olympic but his time preceeded the first World Championships in 1983.

(Updated August 2018)

Rory Patterson’s scoring record and list of LOI double scorers in Europe

In Derry City’s 5-0 win over Abersytwyth in 2014, Rory Patterson became the first player from a League of Ireland club to score 3 goals in a European game.

Here’s the full list of players who have scored twice in a single European game while playing with a LOI club; (updated 8 July 2015)

euro double goals

You can see that Patterson is the 3rd player to notch at least twice with Derry. Both previous occasions happened in Derry’s 5-1 win away to Gretna in 2006.

3 players have scored twice, eh, twice; Billy Dixon (Drumcondra/Shamrock Rovers), Eugene Davis (Athlone Town) and Jason Byrne (Shelbourne).

Patterson’s 4 goals over the 2 legs mean there are only 4 players ahead of him in the all time scorers list for LOI players in Europe.

Players winning SWAI Player of the Month with Cork clubs

Cork City’s Mark O’Sullivan was voted League of Ireland Player of the Month for June 2014 by the Soccer Writers’ Association of Ireland. It is the 31st such award for Cork City and the 47th award won by all Cork clubs


SWAI POTM awards won by Cork City players

Season Month Player
1985/86 February Pat Healy
1987/88 February John Caulfield
1988/89 April Dave Barry
1989/90 February Phil Harrington
1990/91 September Paul Bannon
1990/91 February Pat Morley
1991/92 September Dave Barry
1991/92 January John Caulfield
1992/93 October Pat Morley
1992/93 November Gerry McCabe
1993/94 September Anthony Buckley
1994/95 November John Caulfield
1996/97 November Patsy Freyne
1997/98 August Derek Coughlan
1997/98 December Ollie Cahill
1998/99 November John Caulfield
1999/2000 October Pat Morley
2001/02 November Ollie Cahill
2002/03 July John O’Flynn
2002/03 August George O’Callaghan
2003 April John O’Flynn
2004 June Liam Kearney
2004 November Kevin Doyle
2005 May George O’Callaghan
2005 August Liam Kearney
2005 November Roy O’Donovan
2006 November Roy O’Donovan
2008 June Dave Mooney
2009 May Colin Healy
2013 October Ciaran Kilduff
2014 June Mark O’Sullivan

John Caulfield leads with 4 awards, the most won by any player with a single club (along with Gary Twigg, Shamrock Rovers). Pat Morley also won 4 awards but one of his came with Shelbourne

SWAI POTM awards won by other Cork Clubs

Season Month Player Club
1971/72 January Miah Dennehy Cork Hibernians
1971/72 April Miah Dennehy Cork Hibernians
1972/73 January Miah Dennehy Cork Hibernians
1972/73 March Richard Brooks Cork Celtic
1973/74 November Frank O’Neill Cork Celtic
1973/74 February Ben Hannigan Cork Celtic
1974/75 February Dave Wigginton Cork Hibernians
1975/76 January Bobby Tambling Cork Celtic
1975/76 February Brian McSweeney Cork Celtic
1977/78 January Alex Ludzik Cork Albert
1978/79 October Tommy O’Brien Cork Celtic
1980/81 January Liam Keane Cork United
1982/83 March Eddie O’Halloran Cobh Ramblers
1988/89 December Terry Kearns Cobh Ramblers
1998/99 March Paul Coughlan Cobh Ramblers
2004 October Dave Warren Cobh Ramblers

It leaves the breakdown of awards won by each club as follows;

SWAI Player of the Month award stats

SWAI Player of the Month award stats

Complete Records for the 2014 League of Ireland entries in UEFA competitions

The League of Ireland will be represented by 4 clubs in European competition this season (2014/15); St Patrick’s Athletic (Champions League),  Derry City, Dundalk and Sligo Rovers (all Europa League). Here’s how they got in previous years. (You can click the pics to enlarge them)

St Patrick’s Athletic

st patrick's athletic uefa

  • This is Pats 15th campaign and their 4th in the European Cup/Champions League.
  • Pats have played in every form of every European competition (European Cup/Champions League, Inter-cities Fairs Cup/UEFA Cup/Europa League, Cup Winners Cup, Inter-toto Cup). Shamrock Rovers are the only other club to do so (Shelbourne have played in all bar the Europa League))
  • Pats hold the record for most knockout ties won by an Irish club with 9 (2 more than nearest rivals).

Sligo Rovers

Sligo Rovers in Europe

  • This is Sligo’s 9th European campaign and their 4th in the Europa League
  • Sligo have drawn at least one game in each of their 3 Europa Leagie ties. This will be their first time being seeded.
  • Sligo’s win over Floriana in 1994 was the last Irish win until 2000.


Dundalk in Europe

  • This is Dundalk’s 18th European campaign and their 8th in the Fairs/UEFA Cup/Europa League.
  • Dundalk were the first team to win through two rounds in Europe in 1979/80 beating Linfield and Hibernians before losing to Celtic.

Derry City

Derry city in Europe

  • Derry City have represented both the Irish League and the League of Ireland in Europe.
  • They were the first Irish league side to win a round in Europe in 1965
  • They hold the record away win for LOI with a 5-1 win over Scotland’s Gretna in 2006.


Irish Stage Wins In Cycling’s Grand Tours

[Updated 26 May 2021]

Ireland’s place in world cycling belies our country’s size.  Despite our small numbers Irish cyclists have won each of the 3 Grand Tours; Tour de France (Stephen Roche, 1987), Giro d’Italia (Stephen Roche, 1987) and Vuelta a Espana (Sean Kelly, 1988).

With Shay Elliot getting it started in the 1960s and Sam Bennett being Ireland’s latest, here’s the full list of stage wins in Grand Tours by Irish cyclists

Irish Tour de France stage wins
1963 Stage 3 Roubaix Shay Elliot
1978 Stage 6 Poitiers Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 19 St Etienne Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 21 Fontenay sous Bois Sean Kelly
1981 Stage 15 Thonon-les-Bains Sean Kelly
1982 Stage 12 Pau Sean Kelly
1985 Stage 18a Aubisque Stephen Roche
1987 Stage 10 Futuroscope (TT) Stephen Roche
1989 Stage 8 Pau Martin Earley
1992 Stage 16 La Bourboule Stephen Roche
2013 Stage 9 Bagnères-de-Bigorre Dan Martin
2018 Stage 6 Mûr-de-Bretagne Dan Martin
2020 Stage 10 Île de Ré Sam Bennett
2020 Stage 21 Paris (Champs-Élysées) Sam Bennett

14 TDF stages won by 6 different men; Sean Kelly 5, Stephen Roche 3 (including one during his 1987 GC win), 2 for Dan Martin and Sam Bennett and 1 each for Shay Elliot and Martin Earley.

Irish Giro d’Italia stage wins
1960 Stage 18 Belluno Shay Elliot
1986 Stage 14 Sauze d’Oulx Martin Earley
1987 Stage 1b San Remo (TT) Stephen Roche
1987 Stage 22 Saint-Vincent (TT) Stephen Roche
2018 Stage 7 Praia a Mare Sam Bennett
2018 Stage 12 Imola Sam Bennett
2018 Stage 21 Rome Sam Bennett
2021 Stage 17 Sega di Ala Dan Martin

8 Giro stages won by 5 men. Shay Elliot was first, followed by Martin Earley. Stephen Roche won 2 on his way to the 1987 GC win. We then had to wait 31 years before sprinter Sam Bennett won 3 stages in the 2018 Giro. Dan Martin joined the group with an incredible solo break in 2021.

Irish Vuelta a Espana stage wins
1962 Stage 4 Benidorm Shay Elliot
1963 Stage 13 Valencia Shay Elliot
1979 Stage 1 Sevilla Sean Kelly
1979 Stage 8a Benicasim Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 1 Benidorm Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 2 Cullera Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 14 Orense Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 17 Valladolid Sean Kelly
1980 Stage 19 Madrid Sean Kelly
1985 Stage 2 Orense Sean Kelly
1985 Stage 10 Tremp Sean Kelly
1985 Stage 18 Albacete Sean Kelly
1986 Stage 10 Palencia Sean Kelly
1986 Stage 13 Villalba Sean Kelly
1987 Stage 1 Albacete Sean Kelly
1987 Stage 3 Valencia Sean Kelly
1988 Stage 11 Valdezcaray Sean Kelly
1988 Stage 20 Villalba (TT) Sean Kelly
2009 Stage 18 Ávila Philip Deignan
2011 Stage 9 Sierra de Bejar. La Covatilla Dan Martin
2013 Stage 2 Monte da Groba Nicolas Roche
2015 Stage 18 Riaza Nicolas Roche
2019 Stage 3 Alicante Sam Bennett
2019 Stage 14 Oviedo Sam Bennett
2020 Stage 3 La Laguna Negra de Vinuesa Dan Martin
2020 Stage 4 Ejea de los Caballeros Sam Bennett

6 Irish men win a total of 26 stages. Sean Kelly with an incredible 16 in the Vuelta!

That makes 8 Irish men winning a total of 48 Grand Tour stages.

Tour Giro Vuelta Total
Sean Kelly 5 0 16 21
Sam Bennett 2 3 3 8
Stephen Roche 3 2 0 5
Dan Martin 2 1 2 5
Shay Elliott 1 1 2 4
Martin Earley 1 1 0 2
Nicolas Roche 0 0 2 2
Philip Deignan 0 0 1 1
Totals 14 8 26 48

And if you want them in order…

Chronological List of Grand Tour Stage Wins by Irish Cyclists
1960 Giro Stage 18 Shay Elliot
1962 Vuelta Stage 4 Shay Elliot
1963 Vuelta Stage 13 Shay Elliot
1963 Tour Stage 3 Shay Elliot
1978 Tour Stage 6 Sean Kelly
1979 Vuelta Stage 1 Sean Kelly
1979 Vuelta Stage 8a Sean Kelly
1980 Vuelta Stage 1 Sean Kelly
1980 Vuelta Stage 2 Sean Kelly
1980 Vuelta Stage 14 Sean Kelly
1980 Vuelta Stage 17 Sean Kelly
1980 Vuelta Stage 19 Sean Kelly
1980 Tour Stage 19 Sean Kelly
1980 Tour Stage 21 Sean Kelly
1981 Tour Stage 25 Sean Kelly
1982 Tour Stage 12 Sean Kelly
1985 Vuelta Stage 2 Sean Kelly
1985 Vuelta Stage 10 Sean Kelly
1985 Vuelta Stage 18 Sean Kelly
1985 Tour Stage 18a Stephen Roche
1986 Vuelta Stage 10 Sean Kelly
1986 Vuelta Stage 13 Sean Kelly
1986 Giro Stage 14 Martin Earley
1987 Vuelta Stage 1 Sean Kelly
1987 Vuelta Stage 3 Sean Kelly
1987 Giro Stage 1b Stephen Roche
1987 Giro Stage 22 Stephen Roche
1987 Tour Stage 10 Stephen Roche
1988 Vuelta Stage 11 Sean Kelly
1988 Vuelta Stage 20 Sean Kelly
1989 Tour Stage 18 Martin Earley
1992 Tour Stage 16 Stephen Roche
2009 Vuelta Stage 18 Philip Deignan
2011 Vuelta Stage 9 Dan Martin
2013 Tour Stage 9 Dan Martin
2013 Vuelta Stage 2 Nicolas Roche
2015 Vuelta Stage 18 Nicolas Roche
2018 Giro Stage 7 Sam Bennett
2018 Giro Stage 12 Sam Bennett
2018 Giro Stage 21 Sam Bennett
2018 Tour Stage 6 Dan Martin
2019 Vuelta Stage 2 Sam Bennett
2019 Vuelta Stage 14 Sam Bennett
2020 Tour Stage 10 Sam Bennett
2020 Tour Stage 21 Sam Bennett
2020 Vuelta Stage 3 Dan Martin
2020 Vuelta Stage 4 Sam Bennett
2021 Giro Stage 17 Dan Martin

Average finishing position for every League of Ireland club

You won’t be surprised to read that the team with the most League of Ireland titles, Shamrock Rovers, is also the team with the best average finishing position. The method of calculating that is quite simple. Add up each finishing position earned by the clubs and divide by the number of seasons. For 2 division years (ie since 1985/86) the first division counts as a continuation of the premier. (eg in 2013 12th in the Premier is 12, 1st in the First Division is 13 etc).

So here’s the average finishing position of every League of Ireland club that has completed at least 5 seasons.

LOI all time averages

No real surprise to see Shamrock Rovers top with the 2 longest serving Cork clubs taking up 2nd and 3rd position. The top 12 teams have all won the league. Best of the non-league winning clubs is Jacobs who’s 3rd place finish in 1923/24 is their best effort. Athlone Town have, by far, the lowest average for any league winners.

It should be noted that teams who have played in the first division are at a disadvantage here. Thurles Town is the lowest average for clubs who didn’t played in the first division (ie the lowest they could finish was 16th)

I thought it was unfair to include teams with less than 5 seasons in the above table so here they are separately;

LOI clubs short term averages

Reds United, a short-lived breakaway from Shelbourne, finished 4th in their only LOI season in 1935/36. As we outlined previously, Salthill Devon never finished above last place in the league tables.

Here’s the table for current LOI sides. I haven’t counted Galway FC or Shamrock Rovers B as they haven’t completed a season yet. I treat Galway separate to Galway United/Rovers.

LOI averages

18 League of Ireland clubs have won the title. Here’s how they rank

LOI champions

As an aside there’s 34 clubs who have competed in the League of Ireland and who haven’t won the title. Of these Finn Harps have played the most seasons (45). Wexford Youths is still awaiting it’s first Premier Division season.

LOI seasons without title

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